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Global Network

Exports Channel

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At Wonder Products, we have a well-established network of import and export. We currently export to the following countries:

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The One Asia

The One Asia Network is the partnership of 3 successful Contract Manufacturers, Daizo of Japan, Pax of Australia, and Wonder Products of India who understand the differing needs across the Asia Region. The network is designed for servicing multi-national customers, providing them the advantage of international pricing, innovation and development, global technical support, and multi-site manufacture and supply.

ACOA - The Alliance Of Colep and One Asia

ACOA is based on a manufacturing and technology agreement between the One Asia Network and Colep, a European headquartered company with manufacturing sites across Europe, South America, and the UAE. With a total of 27 manufacturing sites worldwide, ACOA works together exchanging significant knowledge of best practices, dispensing solutions, research and development, and market insight, creating a truly global network that serves ever changing customer demands and environments.

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Our Clients

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